How to Create a Yard Sign

Though social media is becoming more and more popular, they still haven’t completely replaced traditional methods of marketing services or products.  

Print ads, TV commercials, and billboards remain vital methods for local marketing. However, they can be a bit expensive. This is where yard signs come in.  

Yard signs are affordable. You can place them anywhere you want. However, to capture the attention of your consumers, you need to know how to create one properly.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to create a yard sign. You can use these tips when creating graduation yard signs, promotional yard signs, and much more.  

Create a Plan 

The most crucial guideline for any print marketing material is to plan the content ahead of time. 

Spending just 15 to 20 minutes planning ahead of time will help save time when it comes to producing the sign, plus it can help you avoid costly print blunders like forgetting to include your contact information or the event date! 

Professionals recommend you create a list of the most critical items. This includes: 

  • What brand assets or images should you include? 
  • What contact details do you need to provide? 
  • What is the objective of your yard sign? 
  • What else do you need? 

Choose the Right Headline 

Focus on writing a title for your yard sign based on the list you’ve just made. Keep in mind that the title will be the biggest piece of text—and, in some cases, the only thing that fast-moving viewers will notice. 

So, consider this – what is the most significant bit of information you wish to share? By the way, you need to choose one headline alone! To avoid spectators becoming confused or overwhelmed, limit your yard sign to only one clear headline. 

Create a Sketch of the Design 

It’s time to start drawing when you’ve decided on a headline. Doing this on a sheet of paper can be beneficial.  

Begin by drafting your headline in large font size. Then, using the list you created in the first step, fill in the rest of the yard sign. For example, you may include a brief sub-headline, important contact details, and your brand. 

Think About the Front and Back Side of Your Yard Sign 

Remember to think of the front and back of your yard sign as two separate ideas when you’re sketching it out. 

The use of the same layout on both sides is a common error. Though it can often work, it isn’t always the case. Consider the following: 

  • Any directional words (such as right, left, forward, or back) must be reversed on each side. 
  • On the front and rear, directional arrows must point in opposing directions. 

You might even wonder if you really need a second side. You can likely save time, energy, and money by not printing your yard sign two-sided if it will only face one direction. 

You can always ask the help of a professional sign printing company to create the sign for you.